HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Rocky River

5 rating

I had Rebecca, I just went in for a quick buzz cut and I really enjoyed my time there. She gave me the MVP for being a first time customer. Rebecca was awesome, neck massage and hot towel. She really took her time on me even tho it was just a buzz. I felt like she really put effort into cutting my hair. When I go back I will def request her again. Other than her being great I got to watch sportscenter while she cut my hair which is awesome! I really enjoyed my entire visit which was totally unexpected when I have someone else cut my hair.

1 rating

I have 5 boys and have had many haircuts at sports clips but I will never step foot in their door again. After waiting for 30 minutes my son was sat for his haircut, apron on and ready to clip when the manager says someone else was first. So they made him get up and started cutting someone else. They then proceeded to cut three other people. I went to ask how we were next but now 4 people went ahead of us and she said people must have checked in online. And then I hear another stylist say “no need for an attitude”. I was simply checking to see if we got bumped off the list when we were sat in error and was treated like I did something wrong. So rude, disorganized and unprofessional. After nearly an hour there I left with no haircuts.

1 rating

Came in on a Sunday 12/03/2017 and was seated and greeted by the nicest girl (Sam, I think) and she asked me if I was in for a haircut or(some other, up-sell service) and I stated that I was in for just a haircut. With that, the Manager started berating and criticizing the way the girl asked the question and went on and on about it, in front of customers and the entire salon. The girl was so embarrassed by the manager who made her look dumb and it got worst from there. The Manager, then tried to take a straw poll by the customers if there was a difference in her style of questioning and then went on to ask a co-worker if she understood the difference further embarrassing the girl. I really couldn't hear what the stylist was asking me and finally I got fed up with the non-sense and told the manager to stop being so rude to the girl and stop interrupting the entire salon. She got sassy with ME the customer and I got up out of the chair and left the salon. I am not too sure who the owner of the salon is, but they need to get a handle on the manager who is this middle-aged, frumpy, overweight, menopausal, silver-haired broad with glasses and a trumpetingly loud voice and obnoxious behavior -- she's killing business and abusing her workers at that Rocky River Salon.

Rated 2.3 out of 5.0 based on 3 Client reviews